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Luna-Matt Rubber Blue lens

Black frame with smoke Cat 3 lens with blue multi coating and micro fleece pouch.

Matrix White With Purple

Bliz Matrix delivers wide-angle vision so you can attack your sport uninterrupted. Uninterrupted by frame pieces blocking your field of view. Uninterrupted by the end of your lenses, and uninterrupted by wind nor by fog. Matrix delivers this wide-angle vision with adjustable nose pieces and temples that allow you to perfectly fit the glasses to your head. Matrix also keeps you focused with a precision air scoop to direct a gentle airflow over the lens to reduce moisture build-up and fogging. Get Matrix and get Wide Angle Vision. Matrix White #03 comes with Cat 3 Lens with Purple Multicoating, Hardshell case and cleaning cloth.

Fusion Blue with Rose Gold 52905-34

Use it in stylish full frame mode with the included jawbones or choose to maximize your vision and just wear it with the cylindrical lightweight lens. The light and comfortable fit is made possible thanks to adjustable temples and nose pieces in the rubber cable core. Includes extra alternate Jawbone Color

Matrix Smallface

This product is a slimmer version of the best selling Matrix sportglasses.

Swenor Skate Elite with #2 Normal speed wheels

MVP- Like Skating on Snow: Famous Swenor on-snow feel from a composite shaft and easy rolling skate wheels.

Ace Matte Black with Gold Multi Lens

Combining fashion and sport, our essential style will fit into your busy, active lifestyle. The Ace will complement every outfit from work to weekend.

Start Race 1.0

The Start Race 1.0 takes the same aerospace carbon filament used in our SD3 pole and manufactures it into a sheet of carbon fiber before precisely wrapping that into our patented 17-8mm Race geometry with “Solid Tip” construction. The end-result is the best durability, swing weight, and stiffness at its price.


Start Wax- The Right Stuff -Thursday, September 12, 2019
The Right Stuff Start’s complete wax line will continue to be available in the U.S. This is because Start uses The Right Stuff. Its ingredients are all on the TSCA Chemical Substance Inventory and approved for U.S. commerce. New for the season are START’s HFXT, MFXT & LFXT next generation gliders which also conform to the REACH 2020 standards so they will be available in future years as well. Start’s XT waxes are now also available as liquid gliders and gel finishers so everyday skiers and coaches can approach World Cup quality wax jobs with weekend warrior wax rooms, techniques and time. Get Start and get The Right Stuff Start Wax recs at EnjoyWinter.com Start in America is a EnjoyWinter brand
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Peter Holmes -Monday, May 20, 2019
Meet Peter Holmes! For this week’s Athlete Corner, we have the pleasure of introducing Mr. Peter Holmes himself! Peter is a California boy who decided to “Live Free or Die” attending the University of New Hampshire before heading back to train with Sun Valley’s Gold Team. We’re excited to get an intro-interview with Peter and continue to hear about how his training and racing evolves!
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Athlete Self Analysis -Monday, March 4, 2019
Now that the Birkie is over it is a good time to analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Complete the Athlete Self Analysis below. Checks moving from upper left to lower right indicate strength in Endurance and a weakness in speed. Checks moving from upper right to lower left indicate strength in speed and a weakness in endurance....