Pre Season Ski Prep - Do something now!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

It is time for you to get out your skis and prep the bases for the coming snow.

If you took the time last spring to thoroughly clean your skis with a hot wipe and then stored the bases with a thick layer of soft glide wax, your skis should be all set for new glide layers now in anticipation of the coming snow.

If you happen to be one of those who did not store your skis correctly, you will need to take the time now to get those bases clean, fresh, and soft.  Not storing the skis with a layer of glide wax allows bases to “dry out” causing parts of the base to look white and hairy.  These white base hairs cause trouble because they reduce glide and, even worse, they block the bases ability to absorb new glide wax. This causes more of the base to dry out and more hairs to appear, which ultimately causes large parts of the base to become “sealed” when these exposed hairs melt over the base because they can no longer withstand the heat from an iron.

To cure the dry base you need to remove the base hairs from the surface of the ski and leave only fresh, soft base material.  If the dry base is just superficial you can repair it with some heavy brushing.  If you discover that the base is damaged further than you will likely need to get the bases stoneground.

Cleaning: Use wax remover and Fiber wipe to clean the kick zone and also the glide zone.

Use the finest Steel brush to clean excess dirt from base.

Apply layer of Start Base (or Service or soft non-fluoro glider like SG2) to glide zones.

While wax is still soft use scraper with low pressure to “hot wipe” wax and further dirt away.

Follow with Fiber wipe and then finest steel brush again to remove dirt while refreshing base further. Repeat steps 4 and 5 as necessary until no more dirt is seen coming from base. 

If you suspect your skis have any base damage (i.e. base sealing) consider having the skis stoneground to reveal a fresh base.   fresh base is the most important feature in a skis ability to hold wax and to glide. A fresh base is like a new razor blade when shaving. With a new razor blade you can shave even without shaving cream (wax). With a dull razor (sealed base) even the best shaving cream (wax) will not get your skis to glide easily. Ski shops in most every ski town offer great stone grinding services.

 Once you have a clean and refreshed base it is time to saturate the base with a soft wax.  In the glide zones melt in a thick layer of Start Base (or Service or soft non-fluoro glider like SG2) and let it cool.

 Now you will be ready to just scrape the skis before applying a wax appropriate to your first day on snow.